NextGen Equipment Supply



NextGen Equipment Supply was founded with the purpose of bringing to light new and innovative products for the landscape construction industry.

The NextGen line of professional tools is of the highest quality and usability; and is used by its own landscaping teams in everyday operating conditions. NextGen does not offer any product that its landscapers have not already used and approved!

Professional, Portable Power Tools

Pellenc Professional Tools are a family of innovative, portable power tools for agriculture and green spaces, designed to make labor-intensive tasks easier, while also significantly increasing productivity. These tools are designed and manufactured in the vanguard of technological innovation.

This superioir-quality line of inventive products from PELLENC that includes landscape maintenance and vineyard tools, allows for new ways to make working with nature more enjoyable and much more efficient.

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Pellenc Prunion
2" Caliper Pruner

Arion 3 In The Woods

Excelion String Trimmer

Helion Pole Trimmer
Takes On Blue Hetz
Juniper With Ease

Pellenc Helion 2: Super
Lightweight Professional

The E-Truck, Max Truck, Muck Truck and H-Max Truck, motorized wheelbarrow dumpers!

Muck Trucks are a family of motorized wheel barrows. Sold in 25 countries around the world. They can carry 4 times that of a conventional wheel barrow . Powered by the Honda GXV160 commerical grade 5.5 HP. It can transport loads up to a 1/2 Ton and its all wheel drive ensures maximum traction on all surfaces.

Muck Trucks are an ideal partner for moving all kinds of construction materials. Stone of all sizes, Pavers, Blocks, Lumber, Bagged Products, Demolition Debris, Plants, Concrete and much much more. The 4X4 System ensures no site is out of reach, when workers would struggle with a conventional wheel barrow are no longer a challenge, and worker fatigue issues are completely eliminated.

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vs Wheelbarrow

Stone Dust Demo

Loaded with 3/4" aggregate

with Flatbed installed

Muck Truck Montage