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H-MAX is the big brother of the family; an all wheel drive wheelbarrow with hydraulic dumping and converts to a flat bed. This machine is the skid steer that you don't have or the extra one that you desperately need, with its enormous capacities of 10 cu ft / 1000Lbs. Innovative design and additional structural integrity enables the user to effortlessly move tremendous amounts of material! 3 loads equals 1.11 cubic yards!!

At 29" wide the H-MAX can easily pass through a 32" wide gate. The revolutionary, all-wheel drive system ensures maximum traction on all types of terrain, wet or dry. The truck will climb a 38° slope fully loaded. The hydraulic piston allows for precisely feather out the dumping , then the steel reinforced bucket edge makes grading the load a snap.

The machine is powered by a Honda GXV 160cc commercial grade 5.5 HP engine. The Tecumseh transmission is permanently sealed and power coated for no maintenance. It has 3 forward gears and 1 reverse with a maximum speed of 3.5 MPH.

The H-MAX is fitted with a variable speed control lever for precise engagement of the transmission. The front weighted hopper allows for easy maneuvering and dumping. The truck is equipped with a parking brake that stops the machine when the lever is released. All components are laser cut and power coated for long life.

A quick change over to the flat bed conversion allows the H-MAX to move huge amounts of Pavers, Wall Blocks, Stair Treads, Pipe, Lumber, and Plants right up and into the installation area without a scratch!! The forks on the flat bed can be used to move medium size boulders, small logs, small trees; all with just one man. With the H-MAX, a 1000 lbs of material can be moved effortlessly without operator fatigue. This increase in productivity will be instantly recognized the first time you use the H-MAX.

Several quick connect attachments makes your truck a true multi-use addition to your equipment arsenal. Working smarter increases productivity as does worker safety, along with employee moral, which translates to a healthy bottom line.

Two additional hydraulic parts are already in place, so check back frequently for additional attachments to come.

H-MAX Truck: Specs

  • Engine Honda GVX 160 Commerical grade 5.5 HP
  • Transmission: Techumseh 4 speed, 3 Forward / 1 Reverse
  • Speed 0-3.5 MPH
  • Fuel: Unleaded Gasoline
  • Capacity 10 cu ft. 1,000 lbs. carrying capacity
  • Noise Rating 79 db
  • Parking Brake: Disk
  • Front Wheels: Pneumatic, 400 X 10, 4 Ply Traction
  • Rear Wheels: Pnumatic 4 X 10.00 4 Ply traction
  • Dimensions: L 72" x W 29" x H 42"
  • Weight Lbs 460
  • Traction 4 Wheel Drive
  • Hydraulic Dump Hoist
  • Color: Red/Orange

H-MAX $5150.00

H-MAX Flatbed Conversion $695.00
H-MAX Flatbed Side Brackets $325.00
Turf Tire Set Up (front tires). Sold in pairs. Includes 2 tires and 2 hubs $425.00
Can do front wheels only or all four wheels.
Double Wheel Set Up (front wheels only) Includes 2 traction tires and hubs $425.00
Trailer Hitch Bracket $135.00 (Note ball is not included)

*Prices shown do not include tax and shipping.


H-MAX Muck Truck
H-MAX Muck Truck (dump)
H-MAX Flatbed Conversion
(side rails are optional)


H-MAX Muck Truck (front)
H-MAX Muck Truck (bed)
H-MAX Flatbed Conversion
(side rails are optional)
H-MAX Muck Truck
H-MAX Control Panel
Honda GXV Com Grade 5.5hp Engine
H-MAX Muck Truck (rear)
Honda GXV Com Grade 5.5hp Engine


H-MAX Flatbed Conversion
(side rails are optional) Flatbed Conversion Side Rails (2)
H-MAX Flatbed Conversion
(side rails are optional) Trailer Hitch Bracket
H-MAX Flatbed Conversion
(side rails are optional)
Trailer Hitch Bracket
Turf Tires
Trailer Hitch Bracket



Return Policy: If a Muck Truck needs to be returned to Nextgen and/or to the manufacturer for warranty issues, the customer is responsible for any and all associated shipping and handling charges in advance.