NextGen Equipment Supply

NextGen Equipment Supply was founded with the purpose of bringing to light new and innovative products for the landscape construction industry.

Since the early 1970's, the professionals at NextGen have been creating and using home-produced landscaping tools such as leaf pushers made of wood and chicken wire, electric shears attached to broom sticks for a longer reach and mower modifications to leave extra dark striping. Along the way there have been many encounters with salesmen, with no actual experience working in the field, who pitched the latest and greatest products. Time and again, these products were neither the latest nor the greatest and had never operated as promised. This began the quest to find the best, and most effective, tools for the landscaping industry, and then to the sharing of the results within the contractor community.

The NextGen line of professional tools is of the highest quality and usability; and is used by its own landscaping teams in everyday operating conditions. NextGen does not offer any product that its landscapers have not already used and approved!

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