PELLENC Ultra Lithium Batteries

Ultra Lithium Battery UliB 700

Unrivaled weight / power / battery life ratio


PELLENC is the world’s first manufacturer to have introduced lithium ion technology in battery power tools.

PELLENC has developed its own technology for best power-weight-battery life ratio suitable for intensive professional work.

The ULiB 700 battery was designed to meet the demands of professionals in terms of performance, comfort and operating life. In partnership with gardening professionals, PELLENC has designed the 700 battery to ensure performance, user comfort and battery life which revolutionizes the gardening business.



  • Minimal daily cost.
  • Costs almost nothing to recharge.
  • Saves 800 gallons of gasoline and 16 gallons of (chainsaw) oil over its service life.


  • Constant power up to the end of the discharge cycle.
  • Battery-level indicator.
  • Multifunction battery.


  • The comfortable carrying harness distributes the weight of the battery.
  • Breathable mesh fabric.
  • Velcro attachment for running the cord.
  • Instant start-up in cold or hot environment.


  • Up to 1,300 full recharges possible.
  • Intelligent management that automatically optimizes the charge during periods of inactivity.