PELLENC Landscape Maintenance

Selion Pole Saw

Lightweight, multi-function Pole Pruner


Telescopic pole pruners from the PELLENC Selion Pole line are absolutely ideal for your high cutting work. The Selion Pole Pruners are very light, so no harness is required. Theie cutting precision is equalled only be their comfort. Used both in urban settings and in forest or farming work, Selion Pole Pruners are powerful and versatile.



  • Lightweight, easy to handle.
  • Can be used without a carrying harness.
  • Telescopic tube for cutting branches up to nearly 15 ft (4.5 m) high.


  • Powerful motor for greater efficiency (Brushless PELLENC 1200 W).
  • Saves time with automatic chain tensioning.
  • Its light weight facilitates accurate, stable cutting.
  • A full day's work on a single charge.


  • Two pole models.
  • Can be used in both urban (no noise pollution) and in forestry work.
  • Used for pruning by fruit growers, olive growers and forestry workers.
  • Poles reaching nearly 15 ft high (4.5 m) as required.
  • The multi-position head can be tilted -45°/+90°.


  • Wear-free, economical motor (uses up to 30% less chain oil).
  • Use biodegradeable chain oil.
  • Low maintenance guarantees a longer service life.