PELLENC Landscape Maintenance

Selion M12

A compact chainsaw; ideal for gentle pruning work


Ultra-lightweight, weighing only 3.75 lbs, the Selion M12 chainsaw has the advantage of efficiency for you and your teams. It's easy handling and versatility make it the ideal tool for tree growers, vine growers, and landscapers, Its exclusive design is focused on the user, making the Selion M12 an essential tool for accurate, fast cutting.



  • Weighs only3.75 lbs.
  • Its compact size and Soft Touch handle make it heasy to hold.
  • Designed to fit any size hand.


  • Tough and reliable, clutchless (direct drive to chain pinion).
  • A full day's work on a single charge.
  • 1200 W Pellenc brushless motor (equivalent to a 30 cc gas motor).
  • Automatic chain tensioning.


  • Pruner designed for fruit growers and vineyards.
  • Adapts to its environment, threading its way between branches of various sizes.


  • Uses up to 30% less chain oil.