PELLENC Vineyard Tools


An olive-harvesting rake that is ultra-lightweight, easy to handle and cost-effective


Specially designed to make your work easier and more cost-effective, Olivion's lightweight, comfortable features protect the tree and its branches. With proven efficiency, the Olivion is adaptable to any type of olive to be harvested and up to eight times faster than manual harvesting.

Easy to use, the Olivion's ergonomic design cuts out vibrations to make the user's workmore comfortable.



  • Very powerful (380W).
  • Very high-performance PELLENC electric motor.
  • The quickest in its class: four to eight times quicker than manual harvesting.
  • Optimized harvesting: effective for green, ripe, and table olives.
  • Up to a day and a half of battery life on a single charge (700 battery).


  • Designed to protect the tree (carbon fiber prong and foam prong covers for fragile nuts).


  • Handle with vibration damping for greater user comfort.
  • Ultra-lightweight (5.5 lbs for the fixed version and 7 lbs for the telescopic version).
  • Quiet and easy to use.
  • New handle for reaching the tops of the trees.


  • Reduced investment for small farms thanks to the 12/44 V PELLENC converter.