PELLENC Landscape Maintenance

Helion Alpha

A range of lightweight, precision hedge trimmers


The new Helion Alpha professional hedge-trimmer is well balanced with an optimal centre of gravity. With its on-board 520 battery, it is always ready to use for up to 4 hours of work. This efficient tool ensures a very impressive performance and can make cuts of up to 1.25 inches in diameter. And its virtual silence in operation will easily win over those few remaining users of petrol-fuelled tools.

Has 4 blade options: 10", 20", 24", and 30".

The optional counter-weight and power cord connect to the UliB700 or the UliB1500 batteries for extended run time of 24-30 hrs.



  • The mechanism and blade are designed for heavy cutting jobs with 1.3" tooth pitch and each tooth 0.9" long.


  • Center of gravity positioned for optimal balance: displaced blade for better working posture.