PELLENC Landscape Maintenance

Excelion Alpha Grass Trimmer

Gas-powered has run its course


The powerful new Excelion Alpha professional grass strimmer and its 520 on-board battery compare very favourably with petrol-fuelled machines. Its new design makes it easy to use while also ensuring manoeuvrability and a quick working pace. Its productivity is convincing with a motor speed of up to 6,400 rpm and an average battery life of 3 hours. Its versatility makes it suitable for cutting tall and dense grass as well as for finishing work.



  • Provides a cutting diameter of 15.75 inches and up to 6,400 rpm with .11 diameter cord.
  • The 520 battery offers 1 hr. 30 min. to 3 hrs. 30 min. of battery life, depending on the work carried out.

  • The optional counter-weight and power cord connect to the UliB700 or the UliB1500 batteries for extended run time of 24-30 hrs.


  • Carrying strap with position holding.
  • Simple and quick to use thanks to its on-board battery.
  • Adjustable round handle that can be turned for easier handling of the tool.
  • Battery-life display in '%'.