PELLENC Landscape Maintenance

Excelion 2000

A powerful, light, and versatile brush cutter


The Excelion 2000 Brush Cutter has been designed to make your work easier and meet all your needs in terms of handling, toughness and balance.

Just as effective in standard maintenance work as in intensive mowing, the Excelion 2000 completely removes tall grass, dense grasses, woody growth, brambles and even bushes.

Quiet and pollution-free, with little vibration while operating, it can be used comfortably and effortlessly for long periods, The Excelion 2000 can be adapted to a onloadedmetadata="range of uses with its interchangeable multifunction heads.



  • A perfectly-balanced tool for greater user comfort.
  • The carrying harness supplied with the tool allows great freedom of movement.
  • The cutting head can be changed very quickly: 20 seconds for the City Cut, for instance.
  • New ergonomic hook for quick release of the brush cutter.
  • Comfortable Soft Touch handle.
  • Quick adjustment of the handlebar to suit the user's physique; no need for tools.
  • Fast-loading of trimmer wire in the head; a patented PELLENC system.


  • Six different interchangeable heads to adapt to any work site.
  • Two wire heads; manual or semi-automatic.
  • Can be used for a variety of brush-clearing jobs; tall, dense, or woody growth, brambles or bushes.
  • For intensive mowing, brush cutting, mulching or sawing branches of up to 3 inches in diameter.


  • 25% lighter than a gas brush cutter of the same category.
  • Comfortable carrying harness as standard, designed to reduce the strain on the user for several hours of work.


  • Power equivalent to a 45 cc gas brush cutter.
  • Up to six hoursa of operation in ECO mode withthe new 1500 battery.
  • No motor maintenance or blended fuel consumption, which saves money and limits field logistics (minimum $9/day).
  • Possibility of adjusting the brush cutter speed thanks to its two modes: ECO and full power, according to the type of vegetation.