PELLENC Vineyard Tools


A soil cultivator as an alternative to chemical weeding


Save time and increase efficiency with Cultivion, a powerful soil cultivator, allowing you to be fast and accurate in your work, while avoiding the use of weed killers.

Lightweight and multifunctional, the Cultivion soil cultivator is suitable for all soils, whether working deep or at the surface, Easy to handle and versatile, the Cultivion can be used formcultivating, soil aeration or weeding.



  • Outstanding work speed and quality.
  • A powerful tool that can work the soil even at the end of winter.
  • Using the cultivator once is the equivalent of watering twice.
  • A full day's work on a single charge.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Up to 885 cuts/minute.


  • Adjustable: the tool can be adapted to the user's height.
  • Very easy to handle.
  • Compact.
  • Stable while working; avoiding strain on the user.


  • Effective for cultivating, weeding or soil aeration.
  • Designed for agriculture, vegetable growing, and green spaces.
  • Five toothed blades to adapt to all types of soil.
  • Blades that can be changed quickly to switch from one use to another.
  • Nine angle settings to choose from for surface or depth work.


  • A reliable and safe tool built to last.
  • An alternative to chemical weed killers.
  • Low maintenance.