PELLENC Ultra Lithium Batteries

Alpha 520 Battery

An ultra lithium battery with advantages


The new Alpha range of PELLENC on-board battery tools consist of a powerful and well-balanced string trimmer and hedge trimmer. These on-board units offer great battery life and are compatible with other tools in the PELLENC family of tools, and can be used in a harness application.



  • Minimal daily cost.
  • Costs almost nothing to recharge.
  • Saves 800 gallons of gasoline and 16 gallons of (chainsaw) oil over its service life.


  • Constant power up to the end of the discharge cycle.
  • Battery-level indicator.
  • Multifunction battery.


  • The comfortable carrying harness distributes the weight of the battery.
  • Breathable mesh fabric.
  • Velcro attachment for running the cord.
  • Instant start-up in cold or hot environment.


  • Up to 1,300 full recharges possible.
  • Intelligent management that automatically optimizes the charge during periods of inactivity.